Joining the English Linguistic Society of Japan

*The “@” in the e-mail address has been replaced by “☆” for security reasons, but if you click on the link, it will load the address correctly.

1. Membership application procedure

Fill in the “English Linguistic Society of Japan member registration form“, located at the Association for Supporting Academic Societies’ website. If you live outside Japan, please enter “0000000” (seven zeroes) for both the “office” and “home” postal codes and enter your local postal code for both office and home addresses at the end of the line for “building name etc.”. Students who are interested in becoming members should contact the ELSJ Secretariat at <elsj-info☆>*.

2. Payment of membership dues

If you live in Japan, the Association for Supporting Academic Societies will send you an invoice within one month of the date you apply. Please use the bank transfer form to pay your dues at any post office. Your membership will become effective after you have completed both registration and payment. If you live outside of Japan, please contact us at <elsj-info☆>*.

After you become a member

After joining the society, please read the following three sections on the society’s homepage: (1) ELSJ Constitution and Bylaws of Membership, (2) Rules for Abstract Submission and Paper Presentation, (3) Information for Contributors. Also, if there is any change in your member information (address, affiliation, membership type, etc.), please contact us at <elsjkaiin☆>* as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to your joining our society!

3. Lifetime Member Registration Procedure

If you wish to become a lifetime member, please read the Lifetime Member Registration Procedure section.