The English Linguistic Society of Japan Social Media Moderation Policy


  1. Purpose


The official SNS account of the English Linguistic Society of Japan (hereafter ELSJ) has its purpose to share new announcements posted on the official homepage of the ELSJ to swiftly update affiliated members of the society on annual conferences, international spring forums, publication of the society’s flagship journal English Linguistics as well as other various important information regarding its activities.


  1. Management


The following social media site is managed by the public relations committee of the ELSJ.


ELSJ Twitter:


  1. Operations


(1)  The SNS account shares new information posted on the official homepage of the ELSJ (


(2)  In principle, we do not follow visitors, retweet or reply. We also do not respond to replies or direct messages addressed to the SNS account.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights


(1)  All the information posted on the official homepage of the ELSJ is subject to the copyright law. Reproducing all or any part of the site’s contents is strictly prohibited without prior permission.


(2)  Intellectual property rights over the information posted on the aforementioned account, including texts and images, belong to the ELSJ or those with legitimate rights.


  1. Disclaimer


(1)  The ELSJ bears absolutely no liability in any form for any direct or indirect damages incurred as a result of using its official homepage.

(2)  The ELSJ exercises its utmost caution to ensure online security regarding the accuracy of its posted content and its operation. However, this is not to fully guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usability of the information posted on its SNS account.

(3)  The ELS reserves its right to change its management policy noted above without prior notice.

November 15, 2022