Lifetime Member Registration Procedure

Members who wish to become lifetime members should read the following Lifetime member regulations” and follow the procedures specified below.

  • Qualification for application:Any member who meets any of the following three requirements is qualified to become a lifetime member.
    (1) A member who has paid his or her dues in full for ten years from the year he or she reached the age of 56.
    (2) A member who has shown that he or she has paid any unpaid dues that were incurred during the ten years from the year he or she reached the age of 56.
    (3) A member who has been approved as an advisor by the board of directors.
    (Members who have paid their dues from ages 56 to 65, or members who had unpaid periods but who have settled their balance, and those who are serving as advisors are qualified to become lifetime members.)A member who wishes to become a lifetime member but has any other unpaid periods of membership dues in addition to the period specified above in (1) and (2) should contact the ELSJ Secretariat at <elsj-info☆>*.
  • Application period: every April 1 to April 25 (inclusive).
  • Application procedures: Fill in the Lifetime member registration application form and send it as e-mail attachments in both pdf and doc/docx format to the ELSJ Secretariat at <elsj-info☆>*.
  • Lifetime membership dues: 30,000 yen (one-time payment).

When lifetime member registration is completed, the ELSJ Secretariat will mail you your lifetime member card. Presenting this lifetime member card at the international forum in the spring (April) and the annual conference in the fall (November) entitles the cardholder to participate in the evening reception, free of charge. Please contact the ELSJ Secretariat at <elsj-info☆>* with any questions you may have regarding the above points.

*The “@” in the e-mail address has been replaced by “☆” for security reasons.