Rules for JELS

Last revised November 2014

  1. Only individuals who are members of the English Linguistics Society of Japan (ELSJ) or of a society with which the ELSJ has entered into a mutual agreement are eligible to contribute. In the case of joint research by two or more people, at least the first author must be a member.
  2. Manuscripts based on a presentation at the Annual Conference or the International Spring Forum of the ELSJ may be published. (Poster presentations are excluded.)
  3. Manuscripts by invited lecturers may also be published.
  4. Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts to JELS should be strictly observed. Manuscripts with inadequacies may not be published.
  5. Applicants/Presenters are subject to the Guidelines for Deterring Misconduct in Research Activities of the ELSJ. If misconduct is identified, article 3 of the Guidelines applies.
Note: Duplicate submission of the same manuscript is strictly prohibited. When a revised or extended version of material or any part of that material that has been published or orally presented is submitted, information about the author’s relevant work up to the time of submission must be noted.


1) Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts to JELS

2) JELS_sample (English manuscript)