Information Concerning Electronic Submission


November 2007

  1.  An electronic manuscript should be submitted as an e-mail attachment.  It should be in pdf format with the “author” property unspecified, and should consist of (1) a title page (including the title, the name, affiliation, and mailing address of the author, and any acknowledgments) and (2) the body of the manuscript (text, reference list, and notes).  (2) should have page numbers throughout, with its first page numbered 1.  Embed all fonts in the pdf file, and add a note in the body of the e-mail if any font other than Times New Roman or Symbol is used.  A doc/docx file is acceptable if there is any problem creating a pdf file.
  2. Send the above pdf file to <ar-toko☆>*.  The title of the e-mail should be “Submission to EL (your name)”, and the file name should be no longer than 5 letters.  The body of the e-mail should contain the title, the author name(s) and any information about special fonts used (see above). On submitting the manuscript, you will get an automatic reply from Kaitakusha. The ELSJ secretariat will check the manuscript and within five days will send you an e-mail message confirming that it has been received.  Send the manuscript again if you do not receive an automatic reply from Kaitakusha within two days of submission; failure to do so may result in your manuscript not being considered.
  3. Follow the style sheet, which has been rewritten for electronic submission.  Major changes to the older version for paper-based submission include the following:
    1. Distinguish underlining from italics (i.e. do not use underlining to indicate italics).
    2. Distinguish primes from quotation marks.
    3. Write the total number of words in the manuscript in the top left-hand corner of the cover page.

*The “@” in the e-mail address has been replaced by “☆” for security reasons.